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A site-based exploration of Holland's eminent body of water currently referred to as Lake Macatawa.

Macatawa Strata



Macatawa Strata is a community-based investigation into Lake Macatawa (it history and present) and the implications it has on the development of the city of Holland.  Site-based exploration and understanding changes the way decision makers conceptualize futures for a space.  

Public events will occur where attendees will gather and label samples, inscribe maps, capture photographs, and create unique dinnerware using clay impressions. These publically created items will be used at a lunch hosted for stakeholders, where guests will be invited to contemplate the samples, view the maps on placemats, and eat off of the ceramic impression plates. Research on current environmental conditions,  indigenous history, settler colonial history, aerial photographs, and GIS have inspired this project. This layering of ideas will allow for connections with the past that will inform choices made about land use in the future.

Ways to participate:

(events require no artistic training or knowledge)

August 6: 10-noon 

(ages 5-99, income-based sliding scale)

August 13: we will be at the Water Festival

(all ages, free)


August 20:  10-noon

(ages 5-99, income-based sliding scale)



Thank you to our partners and contributors:

Grand Valley State University
Holland Board of Public Works
City of Holland

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